•  Oval automatic screen printing machine
  •  Oval automatic screen printing machine
  •  Oval automatic screen printing machine

Oval automatic screen printing machine

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Oval Automatic Screen Printing Machine Features:

1. By advanced technology,  the inaccuracy of the machine is within -/+0.02m, which effectively improve the printing quality.

2. In process of printing -- flash dry --cooling,it can print in various ink, especially suitable for water base, plastisol,high density,rub ink, discharge print, puff print etc.

3.One machine print in multiple colors, or can be used as several printing lines, only needs 3 people to operate, improve production efficiency, expedite investment return.

4.An unique style for fastening screen frame, 4 dot frame location, which do not need to take out the screen when cleaning,easy to change the screen frame, ensure the stability of precision. The cooling station can effectively reduce the  blocking of screen for water base print.

5. Compatable of different sizes of screens,and screens for automatic printing and manual printing all can be used, and suitable for both cutting pieces printing and garment printing.

6. Printing plate driving without chain, high stability,and prolong the service life.

7.Modular control structure, powerful extensibility.Electric system adopts the most advanced modular structure,increasing the stability of the equipment greatly, making the the machine maintenance work simple and efficient. Born with high scalablity, easily meet various of new printing requirements, such as adding flocking machine,heat pressing machine and digital printing machine etc.